I got home last night and was just trying to wind down from the evening and as I got into bed, I just felt completely overwhelmed at how much God loves me.  I find that I get so consumed with the routines of life that I don’t always have God’s faithfulness at the front of my mind.  I think if I woke up with that every day, the routine and the thought processes would take a major shift.  I had a hard time really settling down and going to sleep with all that running through my mind, but this morning when I woke up HE was on my mind, His faithfulness was on my heart, His name was on my tongue.  I just want more.  I know that there is NO end to Him.  Going deeper only takes you deeper, it doesn’t take you to the bottom.  The bottom does not exist with Him.  I want to keep going deeper and deeper.  I have sought Him out for a long time, but there is so, so much more that I do not know and will not know until I see His face.  But I’m not waiting.  I’m not going to wait until I die to find out all I can about Him.  I want to know everything I can on this earth while I still have breath within me.  I want others to know His name because I spoke it.  I want to point people towards Him.  There is such hopelessness and loss in this world but there is an answer for that.  Chase after God, ask Him what His heart is for You.  He WILL answer you if you mean what you say.  

I am so tired today, but so full.  I pray that everyone who reads this will begin to comprehend, the GREAT length, depth, height and width of HIS love.  He is passionate for you.  You exist because of love.  He made you to have a deep, intimate relationship with Him.  If you go after that, then all the other things begin to fall into place and there is peace in the middle of chaos.  No matter how dark you are, His love does not change.  No matter how you mess up, His love does not change.  Throw away all the definitions of love that you have known before.  The only TRUE definition of love is GOD.  It is untainted and unlimited.  Seek Him and you WILL find Him.

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