First time for everything

Many months ago I felt like God said to me, “You have something to say and its time to start saying it.”  That is a scary thing to hear.  I have been through so many things in my life.  Many were consequences of my own making, some were just circumstances that life brought because that is what life is.  Many times I fought God, but He showed me somewhere along the line that I could find victory and comfort in the middle of very painful things.  Life does not have to be just a lineup of bad choices, consequences and struggling to keep your head above water.  There is so much to my story and what God has done that I wish I could just write a book to tell you all. Maybe someday I will.  I just want so badly for people to know that there is such great Hope.  What has happened in my life and where I am now has no explanation other than God.  And so, it is time to start really talking about it…time to point people to where real Hope resides.  With God and God alone.  So I am venturing out.  No more just talking about it to my close friends and family.  I speak for the first time to a large group of women tonight at Women of Grace.  If you can come, please do, if you can’t please just pray for me…that the words I would speak would be exactly what the Lord would have me say, nothing more, nothing less.  There is a first time for everything, so here goes…

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