Timing is everything

I know, I know…it has been AGES since I have posted anything.  I’m kind of like that I think.  There are some times that I have a lot to say and others where I am just in a quiet space…more listening than speaking going on.  And boy have I been doing some listening!

As my husband always says, Here’s the thing….I am a person who, when I feel like God is saying something, I move on it immediately.  I have not always had the patience or insight to see that He may be saying it, but the timing is not right yet.  In other words, I rush ahead with what I think He is saying and I miss His best because of it.  I put myself in a position to burn out or be overwhelmed because I just can’t wait.  I get excited about what I hear from Him…I want to see the results…so I push it.  And here’s the other thing…I did not even realize this about myself until very recently.   Looking back, I’m realizing how many things I only got part of the blessing on because I just did not wait, or I actually paid a high price because of my impatience. And worst of all, others were impacted because of my inability to sit back and be still.  I’m not going to live in regret but this is definitely something that I need to look at carefully.  I need to wait patiently for God.  I have told many people lately that God’s timing is always perfect…..and it’s time to practice what I preach!

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