Here I am, a bundle of nerves and excitement.  When Tyler first left I was so melancholy for several days…time just seemed to drag.  And then I got my first letter on my birthday…what a joy that was!   Now here we are, packing up the van to head to California.  I try to picture him in my minds eye.  I have seen a quick video of him a couple of weeks ago, but I know nothing will compare to wrapping my arms around my son in person and looking at his beautiful face.  I have not felt this kind of joy since the day he was born.  There are so many different kinds of joy that go with raising kids…its hard to describe!

I have decided that time travelled the slowest at the beginning of this journey and at the end, during Crucible week.  The middle was just that…the middle.  But now at the very end, we are flying again.  I hope the drive goes this fast! 🙂

There have been so many people, known and unknown, friends and strangers who have made it possible for us to go see this momentous occasion in our sons life.  Finances have always been a struggle for us this time of year but God has just completely overwhelmed us with his provision from the most unlikely of sources.  Brad said to me the other day, “I just keep praying for what we need, not what we want.”  Well I guess the Lord put this occasion in the need category. (I did too but wasn’t sure if God had or not..lol) I don’t know if I would have ever gotten over it if we could not have gone….so thank you P (you know who you are).  From the bottom of our hearts…you took up our burden and you made it your own and walked with God to make a way where there was no way.  Thanks will never be enough…I love you!

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