Eagle, Globe and Anchor

I know he did it.  I feel it in my bones.  Sometimes a mom just knows.

I was driving kids to school and had just dropped the last one off and headed to work.  All of the sudden I felt giddy…like I could just burst out laughing…not because something was funny but from joy.  I knew there was less than an hour left and that he was most likely marching back to base.  As much as I had confidence that he could do it, the waiting was SO difficult.  And now, as I am writing this, I know that he has completed his task.  He is about to receive his Eagle, Globe and Anchor.  You see, the moment you step off the bus onto those yellow footprints at boot camp, it is DRILLED into you that you ARE NOT a Marine!  (And yes, they actually stand on yellow footprints) You have not earned the title of United States Marine UNTIL you cross the finish line of the Crucible.  And he has done it.  He completed the task set before him and he is now a United States Marine….and I am a Marine Mom.

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