Today is my Johnny boy’s 17th birthday.  I cannot believe it.  Brad gave me a big hug this morning and I said to him, “Are we old enough to have kids gone?”  And now I am thinking to myself, “I’m not even old enough to have a 17 year old am I?  It does not seem possible!

John is such a joy to my heart!  He is my affectionate one.  I hope I don’t embarrass him by saying this, but he gives the BEST hugs!  He always seems to know when I need one.  He has just great potential in this life and his heart moves towards the Lord.  There is NOTHING more that I can ask for.  He has his struggles and gets frustrated with himself, but I see things in him that he has not discovered yet.  My wish for his 17th birthday is that he would begin to REALLY see his own value in the Lord and that it will NEVER change.  There is nothing he could EVER do to change my love for him or God’s love for him.  Happy, Happy Birthday Johnny!  I love you to the moon and back!


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